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Paul Beebe has been playing guitar since the sixth grade and has a BA in Music (Theory) from Tulane University in New Orleans.  Making a living as a musician, Paul sings and plays bass in Beetle, Thunderado, and The Light Rock Express, plays lead guitar for Grand Old Grizzly, and is the lead vocalist and dancer in Disco Expressions.  Beetle performs at The Continental Club in Houston for the No Cover Happy Hour show every Thursday from 7-10pm. Occasionally, Paul plays drums in The Small Sounds.

Paul also runs his own recording studio, Beebe Gunn Studio, and has availability to record. Please email for rates and times.

If you are interested in booking any of Paul's bands, please contact

Far Too Much History on Paul
Paul first hit the Houston music scene in 1992 with No Trespassing's debut release, "The World Upside Down."  Though elder musicians around him were blown away by the band's raw sound and talent, the album failed to gain much recognition.  This was likely due to the fact that Paul's voice had not yet changed and the band hadn't yet entered high school.  After the rise and fall of No Trespassing, Paul played in an original band in high school and in college called The Roof Badgers .  The Roof Badgers released two full-length albums, but stopped performing due to differing career goals.  The Roof Badgers is available on iTunes.

Original Bands - 2000-Present:
In 2000, Paul joined Drifter, a local rock band with big dreams and little motivation.  Drifter achieved some moderate local success, including winning the 2002 Houston Press Award for "Best New Act," which has been a curse for many of the bands who have won it (not excluding Drifter).  After releasing two albums, one bad and one good, Drifter split due to differing career goals and failing momentum.

Paul and two other members of Drifter (Craig Feazel and Cullen Evans) rejoined in a new effort, The Small Sounds, in which no one plays his primary instrument.  In 2005, The Small Sounds began a recording project despite being between members on certain instruments, the project was shelved and the reopened and redirected in late 2007.  By the summer of 2008 "The Small Sounds" was finally finished, and is now available to the public in local stores, iTunes, and several other online sources. The band shortly thereafter began working on a new record, and two and half years later released "12" in 2012. After a three year hiatus, the Small Sounds started playing accasional shows at the end of 2015.

In the fall of 2005, Paul and his good friend and long time collaborator Hunter Perrin joined forces in Thunderado.  Thunderado is a three piece band featuring several different drummers playing original music drawing from Texas influences, surf, and Django Reinhart style guitar.  Paul and Hunter co-wrote a ten song self-titled debut featuring drumming legend Kenny Aronoff on the drums, released in December 2008, and available at local stores and on iTunes.  In 2010, with the arrival of Billy Walters on the drums, Thunderado recorded a second record "All Time Gone" and embarked on a three week tour in November 2010. The third record, Hilltop Sister, was recorded in 2012 at Paul's studio, Beebe Gunn Studio, and mixed by Grammy-winning producer and all around cool dude, Steve Christensen. Teaming up with drummer extraordinaire Isaias Gil while Billy takes a hiatus, Thunderado will soon release a 4 song 45rpm record.

Also in 2005, Paul formed an original rock band called Reading Days to have an outlet for his own original music.  The band collapsed after only a brief run due to membership changes.  He hopes to try again, but has little spare time to dedicate to it.

In January 2008, Paul was asked by Katie Stuckey to take over the role of drummer in her band.  His first job was to record a four song EP for promotional use at SXSW.  Five days later, the record was at the printers and came back in time for the festival.  The band recorded a record in summer of 2009, and due to mysterious production circumstances, "The Old States" was not released until a year later. "The Old States" is available on iTunes. The band fizzled out after Katie became a mother. She can now be found singing with The Palisades.

In late 2010, Will Thomas hired Beebe Gunn Studio to record his solo debut record. Paul played drums and some guitar in the recording, and with the upcoming release of the record, Will formed a band with Paul on lead guitar called Grand Old Grizzly. In 2012 the band began playing shows, marking the first time Paul had been a regular lead guitarist in a band since 2004. Grand Old Grizzly is available on iTunes. In 2012 they returned to the studio to record Cosmonada, which was met with excellent reviews.

Cover Bands - 2000-Present:
Almost immediately after graduating from college in 2000, Paul picked up the bass and joined in his older brother David's Gulf Coast / Lounge effort called  The El Orbits.  This lounge band plays everything from Sinatra to Glen Campbell, Marvin Gaye to Seals and Crofts, and just about everything else that's sort of old.  Paul left the band in 2004, though he still occasionally sits in with them.

In 2001, Paul briefly played in a band with Jim Henkel called The Pop Kings, and with the inclusion of Jamie Adams and the eventual addition of Bruce Jamison, the band transformed into the Beetle, an all Beatles cover band. Beetle plays the No Cover Happy Hour every Thursday at The Continental Club and has won The Houston Press Music Award for Best Cover Band in 2008, 2009, and 2010.

In 2003, The Light Rock Express developed out of The El Orbits.  Playing only the best in '70's Light Rock, LRE focuses on the best aspects of Light Rock music and life, such as Light Rock, Lowenbrau, Ludes, Ladies, Love, Light Rock. 

Out of The Light Rock Express developed Disco Expressions, a nine piece Disco band in which Paul sings lead and dances to all of the most famous and desirable dance party songs of the 70's.  Complete with a full horn section, Disco Expressions plays to packed houses at The Continental Club, but is focused on the private party scene.

Paul is also a regular sub on both Bass and Guitar in The Allen Oldies Band, the best Oldies band in town.

For booking information on any of Paul's bands, please contact:

Recording History
In 2006, Paul began offering recording services to other bands and musicians and has recorded projects with qanda, Wrinkle Neck Mules, Thrill, The Allen Oldies Band, Stayton Bonner,Los Lunas, Super Estrella de Tino Ortega, CHangoman, The Endangered Sea Lions, and The El Orbits.  He also recorded his own bands The Small Sounds, Grand Old Grizzly, Katie Stuckey, and Thunderado.  He also acheived success with song placements in MTV shows such as "Pimp My Ride," "The Hills," "Parental Control," and "Room Raiders."  He continues to record both himself and other musicians.  Please visit Beebe Gunn Studio if you are interested in his services.
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